Photo Batteries

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Whether you have a vintage SLR camera or a new and unique digital camera, those devices will always require photo batteries. What is more irritating than running out of battery power when you are about to snap a shot of a beautiful sunset or rare situation? Because of the wide array of camera types, there is now a wide array of batteries that correspond to each camera.

The Best Types of Photo Batteries

Though cameras oftentimes use commonly found alkaline batteries, recent technology developed by Energizer has made available to us the innovative design of titanium batteries. Energizer, already a leading manufacturer in batteries, has developed its E2 titanium technology to be a longer lasting battery without sacrificing power output. Though many cameras can drain batteries very quickly, titanium batteries are designed to outlast the power output of conventional alkalines.

Titanium batteries incorporate a patented titanium compound with the latest in cell construction, resulting in a battery that gives maximum power output, while lasting more than three times longer than conventional batteries. Titanium photo batteries are designed to fit in place of similar types of alkaline batteries. That is, one can easily replace those regular AA photo batteries with long lasting, more efficient titanium batteries.

Online retailers are a great source for photo batteries, as they oftentimes carry many types of batteries to suit your individual needs. We can't operate those great gizmos and gadgets without the photo batteries that power our favorite cameras. Make your camera last with the best in photo batteries.

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