Projector Light Bulbs

Written by Ingrid Chen
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One of the best ways to showcase your personal photo album or to create visual aids for a large group or class lecture is by using a projector, which require high quality projector light bulbs. These machines vary from still photograph display to film reel display. A still photo projector flips from picture to picture with the mere touch of a button. Film reels are basically strips of image frames, run in front of projector light bulbs and magnified through special lenses.

Because photo projectors are so easy to operate, it is extremely useful as a graph display or lecture outline, as well as a great way to display your vacation pictures to a group of people so pictures don't have to be passed around, or too many people crowded around one small photo album. Most photo developers can cut and form your film into individual slides, so it is not difficult to prepare your film for a projector.

On the other hand, film projectors may seem outdated in comparison to digital video, but all major movie theaters still use film projectors for their high quality image and motion, which surpass the qualities that digital provides. Digital video has replaced film reels for home video because digital is much less cumbersome, yet some still find that using film is more unique and higher quality than pixilated digital images.

The Utilization of Projector Light Bulbs

Projectors rely very heavily on quality light bulbs to shine through the film and magnifying lenses. Many types of projector light bulbs are available, and projectors are commonly made with xenon technology because of its long life and sharp light. When you are looking to replace your worn out bulb, consider that projector light bulbs are specified by lamp number, usually a combination of three letters, as well as by voltage, wattage, base type and number of lumens. Contact your retailer to help you find what you need if you have only a few of those specifications, or are not sure what you are looking for.

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