Reading Lights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Reading lights come in many forms. Floor and desk lamps, recessed lights and portable clamp-on lights all make good task lights for this purpose. Having this type of lighting near a bed or chair makes reading easy by directing light only onto a specific area. This will keep the light from disturbing others in the room, and also deliver brighter light where it is most needed.

Reading Lights As Task Lighting

The same kinds of lights that are used for task lighting can be used as lights for reading. At a desk, for example, a table or floor lamp with an adjustable swinging arm allows flexibility for directing light where it is needed. If there is glare on a computer screen, then a quick adjustment can solve the problem. A table lamp can be easily moved to any location and a desk lamp can be placed higher or lower to achieve the desired light.

Many people like to read in bed. Bedside is an excellent place to locate reading lights, as today's fixtures can throw a very concentrated beam that does not disturb anyone who is sleeping. Fixtures with long adjustable arms that swing in any direction can be attached to the wall or stand on the floor. Clamp-on fixtures are designed to attach to headboards and cast light over the shoulder. If reading is done in a chair, a floor lamp is a practical solution.

Today's technology in low voltage halogen and fluorescent fixtures can also benefit reading lights. Cooler bulbs that burn longer and throw a more pure light make reading an even greater pleasure. Styles of lights for reading complement any interior decor, from modern to traditional. They are designed to be flexible and functional.

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