Red Emergency Lights

Written by Rylee Newton
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When most of us think of emergency lights, we think of flashing red lights accompanied by blaring sirens. These lights are used to warn the public to get out of the way, but there are many other uses for red emergency lights in our everyday lives. People use red emergency lights to enhance their outdoor activities and improve their working conditions. Red lights stand out no matter if you’re stranded on the side of the road, hunting in the woods, alerting others of dangerous road conditions, or wearing them for work.

Many people carry red emergency lights in their vehicles. If your car breaks down on the side of the road, it’s important to alert oncoming traffic of your situation. Rather than worrying about every car that passes by, you can concentrate on fixing your car or calling for help if you have an emergency lighting device.

Red Lights for Emergency Workers

Firefighters often use red emergency lights in their daily activities. These lights not only help to keep pedestrians and curious neighbors from interfering with relief efforts, but they also aid in rescue missions. Placing emergency warning devices around the perimeter of fires helps with crowd control and also prevents injury from falling debris.

Firefighters and emergency medical technicians often use red emergency lights when working at night or in dark lighting conditions. Red lights aid visibility and help to reduce glare in dark rooms and small spaces. Emergency officials often wear hat lights or helmet lights when they need to use both hands for rescue missions.

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