Residential Exterior Lighting

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Residential exterior lighting can change the look of the landscape significantly. A well-lit exterior makes a home look brighter and more inviting. It also dramatically highlights architectural features and important entryways. Adequate lighting is important for the safety of a home, as well. Today's exterior lighting adds to the ambience of outdoor spaces and makes them more functional for family activities.

Residential Exterior Lighting Is an Important Element

When considering the look and function of the yard, proper lighting should not be overlooked. It is, in fact, one of the most important elements that can be added to outdoor spaces. With well-placed exterior fixtures one can expand entertaining possibilities and make decks and patios more useful. Lighting helps make the most of these places, allowing guests and family to find their way around in the dark and assist in grilling and other tasks.

Pathways can be illuminated with short post lights or fixtures that are flush with the ground. These types of residential exterior lighting put light only where it is needed, and create a soft atmospheric glow as well. Spotlights are ideal for lighting the exterior faces of the home. Floor lamps designed for exterior use are a good option for task areas, and fixtures that recess into the wall provide ambient light for the entire space without getting in the way.

Today's residential exterior lighting fixtures are versatile and stylish, which gives the homeowner more options for creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor atmosphere at home. Since yards, decks and patios are so often used as outdoor rooms, the lighting provided in these spaces has become an important issue. With a little planning and the right fixtures, these places can be just as functional and attractive as their interior counterparts.

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