Residential Lighting

Written by Dina Kayed
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It is interesting to consider how much residential lighting the average household uses on a daily basis. Obviously, the level will be affected by the number of people living in a house and the number of rooms. It is estimated that a person uses four lights for one hour or more per day. However, other things might affect the number of lights we use. For example, age is a factor. The older we are, the more lighting we tend to use.

About Residential Lighting

Many kinds of lights are suitable for home use. Incandescent lights, though, are the most popular kind of residential lighting by far. However, fluorescent lighting is typically used for more hours per day than incandescent, despite the fact that there are fewer fluorescent lights in use. Compact fluorescent lights are better at saving energy than ordinary ones. Halogen lights are less expensive to buy than compact fluorescent lights, but they tend to generate heat which can be a drawback in certain areas of the US.

If incandescent lights are replaced with compact fluorescents, that would save a lot of money in the long run, even if the initial cost of buying compact fluorescents may seem a little high. Switching lights off when you finish using them is an important energy saving strategy. Remember that you don't have to sacrifice good looks in order to save energy as far as lighting is concerned. Quality residential lighting fixtures are available with up to date styles and shapes.

Coming home to a beautiful and comfortable living space is important to all of us. Decoration and art are not the only ways to add sophistication. Create your own style and evoke pleasant emotions in your home by choosing quality lighting. The right kind of lighting is the best way to show off fine art collections or any other possessions that you're proud of.

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