Residential Lighting Fixtures

Written by Samuel Wong
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If you are seeking to increase the value and appeal of your home, why not upgrade your residential lighting fixtures? Fixtures last longer than a coat of paint and are much less expensive and labor intensive than room remodeling. By changing the arrangement of lighting fixtures in your home, you can change the whole feel of a room in a matter of minutes.

If you find yourself with a dining room or bedroom that feels small and cramped, you may want to install some residential lighting fixtures on the wall, such as sconces, to make the room brighter, and appear larger. The brighter a room is, the bigger it seems. Department stores use bright lighting to their advantage to create a feel of endless aisles of merchandise and products.

Make Changes with Residential Lighting Fixtures

Adjusting the intensity of light coming from your residential lighting fixtures using a dimmer switch can help you change the feel of a room with the touch of a button. If you're holding a family gathering or working on a project that requires a lot of light, turning the dimmer switch to the maximum brightness setting will contribute to a productive, active environment. If you want a calmer atmosphere, you can simply turn the lights down. Now that is much easier than changing light fixtures all night long!

Knowing how to use residential lighting fixtures to your best advantage can help you make a huge, open room feel cozy, or make a small room seem much larger. Seeing is based on the way light bounces off objects and colors. In short, the way in which we position our light fixtures has a huge effect on the way a room looks and feels.

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