Restaurant Lighting

Written by Dina Kayed
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A good restaurant will mean different things to different people. Great favorites are often those where a family can go to simply enjoy the delicious food and quality time together. It's often where a family will reminisce about old times and make new memories. A restaurant is where friends enjoy a good conversation. Some restaurants provide casual dining while others are formal, but what they all have in common is that they set out to provide the best services to their customers in the most pleasing atmosphere.

Restaurant Lighting Issues

There are many ways to illuminate your restaurant. Chandeliers are a good choice because they are often used to illuminate dining rooms and so will give an impression of upscale private dining. They give general illumination and add a great deal of elegance and sparkle. Dimmers are also used extensively. They allow the lighting to be adjusted to suit the mood. They can also be used to balance chandeliers and accent lighting levels, to complement a decorative style.

Down lights are generally used to highlight artwork and decorations. If you have serving tables along the walls, it's a good idea to use down lights to enhance the atmosphere. Emergency lights are very important too: you need a lighting battery supply for illumination in case of a power cut. Even in a small restaurant, you will need to install exit signs because building codes require them.

Wall sconces are good to add decorative lighting to your premises, and will also add warmth and give a welcoming feeling for all your customers. You can even use them in your restaurant's bathroom to add elegance and sophistication. They come in many forms and shapes: round ones or with one light or two lights, and so many different designs to suit your decorating style.

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