Small Chandeliers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Small chandeliers are perfect for today's modern city dwellers. As the populations in our cities grow by leaps and bounds, living space will soon be at a premium. Just because your living space may be small and cozy does not mean you have to miss out on the lighting excitement associated with chandeliers.

Small chandeliers work perfectly in today's urban lofts, studio apartments and condos. These homes may not have all the space of their suburban counterparts, but that does not mean their owners don't enjoy the same lighting designs.

Size Doesn't Matter with Small Chandeliers

Despite their petite size, small chandeliers work just as hard as their bigger brothers and sisters to light up a space or room. Small chandeliers work perfectly when hanging above a small dining table or kitchen island or countertop. Some people create an interesting living room design by hanging small chandeliers above their coffee and end tables. This allows for maximum space when playing a board game or entertaining guests.

If you're looking into moving into a smaller space, small chandeliers may work perfectly for your new home. Small chandeliers offer more potential than their larger counterparts, providing you with more design options. Instead of hanging a huge chandelier over a large dining table, try hanging a grouping of small chandeliers instead. The visual impact will be just as impressive.

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