Solar Landscape Lighting

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Low voltage lighting is not the only effective way to save money lighting up the exterior of your home. Solar landscape lighting is another feasible option. This is a highly sophisticated choice to highlight the architecture of your home with a source of light that is as energy-efficient as it's possible to get. What's more, you can get excellent lighting effects with a few well-placed solar lights.

Solar lighting is also a perfect choice for any area where wiring would be difficult or dangerous to install. A small solar panel will recharge the batteries to this type of light. All you need to do is stick them in the ground. Typically one panel will feed two or more lights, depending on the size. Remember when you're planning your lighting scheme that you must allow space for the solar panel in an unobtrusive position, in order to ensure that your lights get recharged after use.

Taking Lighting With You

Solar landscape lighting can even be used for temporary lighting. They would be an excellent choice for extra lighting for any large event you're planning on your property. Barbecues, kids' parties and even weddings all need extra light.

You could, in theory at least, take solar lights with you for your beach party or picnic. There is a very wide variety of outdoors solar lighting systems that you can adapt and use to suit your needs. If you're planning them for an evening trip, make sure you allow them to charge before you go, or set them up early in the day so that they'll be charged by the time you need them.

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