Table Desk Lighting

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer or at a workspace understands the importance of table and desk lighting. This kind of light is known as task lighting, a self-explanatory term that refers to any lighting that shines light directly onto a surface for the purpose of doing a task. It is important that this light not only is present but also that it is properly placed.

Table and Desk Lighting Improves Productivity

Being able to clearly see the work at hand makes any task infinitely easier. When working on the computer, for example, task lighting that is placed next to the monitor keeps glare off of the screen while directing light onto the desk surface. A table lamp with an adjustable fixture allows one to focus light at different angles, a good idea for avoiding shadows on the work at hand.

Clamp-on lamp fixtures also make good table and desk lighting. They can go anywhere, from the desk to the bed to the office. Any kind of table lamp will do for task lighting, as long as it is at an angle that will not cause the light to shine in the face. Task lighting can be used in any room. In the bath, a lighted mirror will assist with makeup application, and a vanity lamp makes cleaning up easier.

Table and desk lighting is an attractive way to get light where you need it. And, there are many styles from which to choose, from contemporary to traditional. Desk and floor lamps often make the difference between doing the job and doing the job well, which is why every well lit home has some of these fixtures in every room. They are some of the most functional pieces in which a homeowner can invest.

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