Table Desk Lights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Table and desk lights give one the opportunity to dress up a room while providing it with both task and ambient lighting. Today's fixtures are available in styles both contemporary and traditional, and everything in between. With proper placement of these fixtures, it is possible to meet the lighting needs of a room, and also enjoy the flexibility of being able to move the lights around. They can go wherever light is needed.

Table and Desk Lights Make Tasks Easier

Being able to express personality with light fixtures is one benefit of using table and desk lighting. They can complement or contrast with any decor to add interest as well as function. One of the greatest advantages of this lighting, however, is its flexibility. A desk lamp, for example, can be moved to whatever point necessary. A clamp-on fixture can attach to the side of a desk to maximize surface space. It can also be adjusted to put light where it is needed.

Desk lamps with swinging arms also direct light to a task area. To infuse a room with character, a table lamp in a contemporary design will be both practical and beautiful. Set next to a work area, it serves the dual purpose of creating general lighting for a small to medium-sized room and providing task light. Several table and desk lights interspersed with task lighting can serve all of the lighting needs of a home office.

With a wide variety of designs and built-in versatility, table and desk lights are an important investment in home decor. They are a simple way to brighten work and reading areas, and they add style to whatever room they are in. Consider halogen and fluorescent fixtures and low-voltage options when making a purchase. These fixtures are safe to operate and generate less heat.

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