Tech Track Lighting

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Tech Track lighting is an innovative advance in track lighting that allows a custom installation. It consists of a hand-bendable steel track and fixtures that attach to it and are moveable. This design is a product of the Tech Lighting Company, which has been importing and distributing light fixtures in the U.S. since 1983. With the flexibility offered by the Tech Track system, one can create a one-of-a-kind lighting configuration, custom-made for the space.

Tech Track Lighting is Flexible

The Tech Track system is made up of four main components. A canopy plugs into a junction box to bring power to the fixture. The bendable steel track attaches to it, with lengths attached to each other with connectors and hardware. Supports hold the track at a uniform distance from the ceiling. The fixtures are attached to the track and are free to slide up and down.

Some fixtures designed to go with the Tech Track lighting system are able to pivot and rotate to direct light to any point. Another option in fixtures is the pendant style, which can slide on the track but does not pivot. With this type of lighting, one can gain greater flexibility when designing the lighting scheme. Tech Track can be used for accent or task lighting, and is often found in kitchens and living spaces.

Tech Track lighting brings contemporary flair to any interior. It also makes it possible to achieve a custom look for unique spaces. The bendable track can be used to echo a shape on the floor, such as a kitchen island or an area rug. The moveable fixtures allow for change at a moment's notice. This gives the homeowner a range of options previously unheard of.

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