Track Lighting

Written by Rylee Newton
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Many people use track lighting to draw attention to certain parts of the home. Others use track lighting to give certain rooms a modern update. Still others use these lights for their versatility. One of the biggest appeals of this type of lighting is the ability to change light direction, much like you would with a spotlight.

Track lighting is easy to install in just about any home or apartment. Most lighting kits come with all the accessories you will need to mount your track lighting in no time at all. It's important to check with a sales representative to find out if you need any additional accessories for proper installation and usage.

Installing Track Lighting in Your Home

When installing track lighting and most other lighting systems, the first thing you need to do is shut down the power at the circuit breaker. Working on a live wire is not only a fire hazard, but it also leaves you at a risk for shock or electrocution. This is especially important when working on older homes and apartment buildings where the wiring tends to be more fragile and unpredictable.

Once the power in your home is off, you need to place the live end of the wire into the track and tighten it. Next you need to drill mounting holes, and mount the track onto the ceiling. It's important to find out what kind of screws work best for your ceiling, as different materials are harder to drill into than others. Next you need to connect the wires from the track lighting to your home wiring. Finally, install the track heads onto the lights, and turn the power back on in your home.

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