Tropical Luminaries

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Tropical luminaries are an inexpensive and fun way to make your next pool party something special. Tropical luminaries, like palm trees or pink flamingos, can make your next barbecue the best one yet. The secret is in setting a mood.

Getting people to relax and enjoy themselves is all about creating a great mood. The two most important elements to creating a mood are music, and lights. You need the right tunes, and the right lighting. Some people feel a party is all about the music, but personally, I consider lighting to be the single most important element to creating mood. Some romantic restaurants have music, and some are silent, but all romantic restaurants have fabulous lighting.

Reusing Tropical Luminaries

Does ordering luminaria supplies and making luminaries seem like an awful lot of hassle, just to throw a party? It may have been in the past, but it's not anymore. They finally came up with a way of making luminaria that isn't a gigantic pain in the neck.

Instead of filling paper bags with sand, you can now fill them with neat, clean, cheap plastic bases. Each plastic base has a circular indentation to hold the candle The bases are hollow inside. You fill them up with water or sand, cork them, and never have to think about it again. You can use them for every holiday on the calendar, from Valentine's to Halloween, without every having to refill the base. Making luminaries is now so quick, cheap and easy, you'll find yourself setting tropical luminaries around the pool, just to eat dinner outside.

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