Undercabinet Fixtures

Written by Beth Hrusch
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By using undercabinet fixtures to highlight display shelves and countertops, you can achieve subtle accent and task lighting that focuses attention on certain areas. There are new options in this type of lighting that make it easy to install and get an effect that is both dramatic and useful for everyday living. Small, unobtrusive bulbs, hidden wiring systems and low voltage transformers make today's under cabinet lights more appealing than their predecessors.

Undercabinet Fixtures Provide Accent Lighting

A common application for undercabinet lighting is in areas that need highlighting. In the kitchen, for example, these fixtures are attached to the bottoms of cabinets and hard wired in. The type of fixture can vary from small round recessed puck lights to low voltage strip lights. Fluorescent and incandescent tubes also make good under cabinet fixtures. These fixtures direct light down onto counter workspaces, eliminating shadowy corners and making the space more usable.

Low voltage strip lights are a practical solution to the problem of lighting up display shelving and cabinet interiors. Low voltage undercabinet fixtures have transformers that reduce voltage, making the fixture safer for use in poorly ventilated areas. They are also shockproof and burn cooler. Smaller bulbs remain hidden from view, so that all that can be seen is a glow of indirect light along the horizontal plane of the shelf or cabinet.

Dramatic lighting effects can be achieved with the use of undercabinet fixtures. They remain out of sight while providing task and accent light for areas of the home that need them. There are many choices in this type of lighting. The right fixture depends on the particular application.

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