Verilux Bulbs

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Verilux bulbs stretch beyond mere illumination: They can be remarkably beneficial to your health. These full spectrum light bulbs provide more than a regular light bulb can. They replicate as closely as possible natural outdoor light. Verilux bulbs are designed to cover the entire ultraviolet spectrum, which is what we see in natural outdoor light.

A great benefit of full spectrum light is the increase in productivity in the workplace. Verilux bulbs prevent eyestrain from normal lens glare; therefore headaches subside and irritability is decreased. With the range of uses, these bulbs are equally great for everyday lighting as they are a serious remedy for SAD.

The Development of Verilux Bulbs

You may be asking how a mere light bulb can induce feelings and improve health. Invented in 1956 by a painter named Howard Scott, Verilux bulbs were a result of Scott's frustration when attempting to paint at night. By experimenting with different phosphorous chemicals, he found a way to closely replicate natural outdoor lighting, and make daytime activities an all day possibility.

Verilux makes a variety of bulb types. The popular Happy Lite can be wall-mounted or set on a flat surface, and provides the benefits of full spectrum lighting in a portable device. Happy Eyes are freestanding lamps for desks or floors, which can also clamp onto surfaces for added convenience. Incandescent Verilux bulbs are available that filters out yellow, the part of the spectrum that humans are most sensitive to. Their fluorescent tubes replace regular fluorescent lights, yet last thousands of hours longer. Verilux even has a light device that is based on a blue and red light technology, which destroys epidermal bacteria and reduces irritated pores. Amazingly, the developers of Verilux bulbs have covered nearly every type of lighting solutions.

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