Wall Mounted Lighting

Written by Samuel Wong
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If you are the type of person who likes to throw tradition out the window, wall mounted lighting is perfect for you. Some people refuse to fall in line with tradition that comes with lighting up your room with a floor lamp.

Wall mounted lighting allows you to have total control over the arrangement of furniture pieces in a room. Some people do not like to base their furniture placement on proximity to an electrical outlet. This usually requires that a few pieces of furniture be placed against the wall so that guests are not tripping over extension cords and rugs.

Express Yourself with Wall Mounted Lighting

With wall mounted lighting, the wall serves as a blank canvas and your ideas for lighting design are limited only by your imagination. If I had a limitless stream of resources available, I would create a wall of light on the wall of my apartment that doesn't have a window. That way, the room would be as bright as day all around the clock. Plus, I would have the brightest apartment in the city skyline.

Wall mounted lighting is steadily becoming more and more popular and easy to integrate into any design. What this means for the consumer is that there are more and more designs and styles being put on the market each day. If you do not find a wall mounted fixture that suits your tastes today, there may be one that fits you perfectly tomorrow!

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