Wall Recessed Lights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Wall recessed lights have several applications, both commercial and residential, indoor and outdoor. They are a space-saving way to light a path or hallway, or to create accent lighting in any area of the home. Low voltage fixtures produce bright light with the use of halogen bulbs, while remaining cooler and more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps. And, as with all recessed fixtures, ones that fit into the wall are unobtrusive and have a clean, modern look.

The Beauty of Wall Recessed Lights

In the home, recessed lighting serves a variety of purposes. Wall lights can highlight art. Smaller fixtures are useful in lighting stairways and halls. They cast a glow onto the steps, making them safer to navigate at night. These lights can also make outdoor home spaces more functional. A few recessed fixtures set into the side of the house or any outbuilding light up an entertaining and activity area without creating glare.

Commercially, wall recessed lights are an attractive way to provide light in gymnasiums, office buildings and schools. In some models, the light shines up onto a reflector that casts the light out into the room, thus keeping the light from being harsh. Because they do not take up floor space or hang down into the room, they are a favorite form of lighting for athletic facilities and all kinds of theatres.

Wall recessed lights are a creative lighting solution. They complement any modern interior, adding clean and simple style to areas that need to be well lit. Their bright light and unobtrusive nature make them ideal for outdoor use in deck and patio areas. In public buildings, they maintain an uncluttered look that means lower maintenance.

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