Wall Sconce Lights

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Wall sconce lights create indirect ambient lighting. When placed on either side of a mirror or desk, they are also useful as task lighting. They can be a creative alternative to lamps, as well. A few well-placed sconces will create a soft glow throughout a room without taking up valuable floor and surface space. This makes them a popular choice for lighting when space is at a premium.

Wall Sconce Lights Create a Mood

One of the attractive things about wall sconces is their architectural presence. Their location on walls tends to make them seem like works of art in themselves. A contemporary sconce, for example, can bring instant style and drama to a room while it provides soft general lighting. Acting as an accessory, it will finish the room and draw attention to the decor.

By definition, wall sconce lights are light fixtures that hang directly on the wall. The basic elements are a base that attaches to the wall, and a decorative fixture that comes out from it and casts light either up or down. Some sconce fixtures can be turned upside-down to achieve a down light effect. They are particularly effective when placed on either side of an item that needs highlighting, or a mirror where tasks are performed.

Given their function and versatility, it is not surprising that wall sconce lights are one of the most popular types of fixture used in homes today. They are attractive in any room, and their compact size makes it easy to work around them when decorating. Any space that needs accent lighting will benefit from the addition of these stylish fixtures.

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