Wall Sconces

Written by Dina Kayed
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Suffering from poor or limited lighting in your house or office might be inconvenient when it's too dark to see what you are doing, particularly when you're reading. Perhaps you have even occasionally left the house wearing socks that don't match! Insufficient lighting tends to make tasks harder than they need to be. Space can be an issue here. Sometimes poor lighting is a result of lack of space because lighting fixtures do not fit.

Wall Sconces Can Help

If you are short of space, remember that lighting fixtures do not always have to be standing on the floor or on a table. Wall sconces can help solve a lighting problem. They can provide you with sufficient light and provide a sense of style as well. Some rooms are too bright, which actually makes them less welcoming; again, wall sconces can help out by making the room look more cozy and inviting.

There are many different kinds of wall sconces to help out with problem areas in your home. Your kitchen, for example, is probably the most actively used room. Insufficient lighting here can be the cause of many problems, and can even be dangerous. You may encounter difficulties in reading recipes, seeing what you're serving, preparing food, cooking, eating, or cleaning up properly. Wall sconces above worktops will help reduce shadows.

Your living room is where you spend the most time with your family and friends. You'll want to have a variety of light sources on hand, including wall sconces. Consider them when creating different levels of lighting to add to that warm and welcoming feeling. Add sconces to highlight art, as it will add drama and excitement.

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