Warehouse Lighting

Written by Dina Kayed
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There is so much to be done in a warehouse; merchandise has to be labeled, accurately checked and packed. All shipping documentation has to match the labels on the merchandise. There are other important tasks to be carried out such as code scanning or manual inspections. Good illumination is essential here, so warehouses need well planned lighting layouts and fittings that use the proper lighting technology for the job.

Warehouse Lighting Issues

Warehouses with good lighting systems will help personnel work faster since they don't have to strain to see what they're doing. They will also make fewer mistakes while working. This will help save money and a great deal of time in the long run. Good lighting will also provide a safer environment for employees. The fact that employees can see clearly what they are doing will lead to fewer accidents, and therefore fewer injuries.

Shop owners buy their merchandise from warehouses, so as with retailing, it is important that merchandise is presented in a good light, both figuratively and practically speaking. Adequate warehouse lighting will give a company a better image. The right lighting will make premises seem bigger, cleaner and even appear more organized. No need to elaborate on how this can encourage customers to deal with the warehouse and even purchase merchandise.

Warehouses invariably have high ceilings, huge spaces and a lot of dark areas to illuminate. It is important that a warehouse installs a lighting layout that is energy efficient, yet powerful enough to penetrate large open spaces. Both vertical and horizontal illumination is often needed to make reading product labels easier if they are placed high up off the floor. A lighting system that eliminates maintenance for years is what a warehouse needs to help create maximum savings. Fluorescent based lighting fixtures are the best option for warehouse, because they operate with fewer watts and are also much cooler than halogen, for example.

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