Wedding Luminaries

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wedding luminaries are the most romantic of wedding decorations. Flowers smell nice, ribbons are lovely, and balloons are playful. Wedding luminaries, however, are capable of absolutely transforming a space. A backyard, courtyard, tent or church becomes a place of spectacular, otherworldly beauty with the help of wedding luminaria.

Wedding luminaries are also incredibly inexpensive. When you compare the price of luminaria supplies to the price of flowers, the difference is shocking. Plus, unlike flowers, luminaria can be used again and again. Your wedding luminaria can become your Christmas luminaria, which should add a lot of nostalgia and sentiment to your holidays.

Safe and Easy Wedding Luminaries

The safest and easiest luminaries are made of plastic, not sand. Instead of filling paper bags with sand, and just hoping the candles don't tip over, you can now find plastic luminaria bases which fill with water or sand. Fill them, cap them, and place them in the bottoms of the bags.

Each base comes with an indented circle, which can hold three different varieties of candle. Tea lights are probably your best choice for a wedding. Tea lights usually stay lit for about five hours, which makes them ideal for a wedding.

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