Wholesale Landscape Lighting

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you have a large area that needs landscape lighting, you might want to consider buying from a wholesale landscape lighting supplier. This will inevitably give you considerable savings on your final bill. Even if you're only installing landscape lighting for a small area, if you can find a wholesale supplier who will sell to you without a minimum order, you can still find significant savings.

If you are installing landscape lighting in any kind of commercial property, then you'll be doing your finances a great disservice if you don't track down a reliable source of wholesale lighting. It is often the case that the more you buy the more you save, it will be worth ordering your indoor and outdoor lighting combined if you are building a new property.

Group Orders

For small homeowners, if you can't find a wholesale landscape lighting supplier in your area who is willing to fulfill smaller orders, you might think about getting together with a few neighbors. If you have a residential committee for your area, approach them and see if they'd like to take part in a scheme to buy wholesale lighting for everyone.

Check out your wholesaler first, before you commit yourself though. You don't want to find that you've gone to all the trouble of securing an agreement only to find that this particular company doesn't offer the kind of fixtures you're looking for. This is particularly important if you're buying as a group. Have the members of the group make a list of the kind of fittings they'll be looking for, and then go shopping for a supplier with those items in mind.

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