Back Splash Designs

Written by Adam Blau
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The back splash of a kitchen or bathroom sink is more than just a protective structure. Sure, it helps to save the wall behind the countertop from water or other spillage and wear and tear. But the back splash is also an additional blank palette on which a designer can create fantastic new accents for a room's design.

The back splash is a wonderful place for a homeowner to get directly involved in the decoration. Perhaps you have a set of decorative tiles or pieces that you would like prominently displayed in your kitchen. By placing these items onto the back splash, you can make them part of the room. Just as your decorative items would be placed on a wall, so too can they be placed on the back splash.

The back splash is an excellent place to add color and textural accents to a countertop, as well. If you have a marbled or solid color countertop, you can shift the pattern slightly (or even alter it dramatically) for a change in look that will complement surrounding objects. By introducing small bits of color in a back splash, you can bring out other features in the rest of the room.

Personalizing Your Countertop with a Back Splash

If you are fashioning your countertop and back splash with concrete, there are some very exciting possibilities for back splash design. Because each concrete piece is created for an individual project, you can personalize the back splash with items of your own. Are you a fan of golf? Why not mix golf balls into the back splash? Maybe you'd like to preserve a bit of your old kitchen countertop. Why not take a bit of the design and incorporate it directly into the back splash? The possibilities are literally limitless. Talk to your contractor about innovative back splash designs.

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