Bar Blenders

Written by Norene Anderson
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Bar blenders are made to add color and action to you kitchen. Preparing your favorite fruit smoothies, frosty beverages, and soups are quicker and easier than ever. One absolute essential is to have a powerful motor. The performance must be top quality to chop, puree, and mix ingredients in just a matter of seconds.

Crushing ice quickly is crucial for a good blender. The best blenders will be able to crush on low and high speeds. The decanter needs to hold a full 40 ounces to be totally efficient. In order to prepare drinks or smoothies for more than one or two, the 40 ounce size is imperative. That gives the room needed to blend perfectly. There are models that have a 48-ounce container and a few even hold 64 ounces.

Find Bar Blenders for Home Use

The 390 watt commercial motor is powerful and can handle anything that bar blenders are designed to do. Two-speed motors make it even more efficient. The self-cleaning blade is a must. Heavy duty metal bases will provide stability for use. It is easy to clean and the design is a compliment to any kitchen decor.

The container material is important to note in bar blenders. Glass and plastic are the options. The glass containers are very sturdy and dishwasher safe, but weigh a lot. They can also break if mishandled. The plastic container is much lighter but is not always dishwasher safe. It is just a matter of preference. Both have their advantages. There is much more information available online about blenders of all kinds.

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