Beer Machines

Written by Norene Anderson
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Beer machines are very popular with a design that is made for enhanced performance. It has a clamping system that is heavy duty and full wrap around. There is a pressure gauge that monitors the brew quality, level of carbonation, and dispensing pressure. There are three tap handles that can be labeled with each brew. It is designed to fit easily in the refrigerator.

In just a matter of seven to ten days, beer machines can make naturally carbonated beer. There are all kinds of beer to brew. It is a great money saver when each unit makes twenty-eight twelve ounce servings for a few cents per serving. Draft beer can be poured on tap. You can have fresh beer at any time.

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There are optional features for beer machines that allows for transfer of beer into bottles while remaining totally enclosed. Everything needed is included, even the beer mix. There are different kinds of beer mixes that are available at any time. One of these is the American Variety Pack. It includes a light golden natural beer, a smooth golden lager, and a malty ale.

Another beer mix that is available is the Canadian Variety Pack. It has a lightly hopped beer, a deep red beer, and a creamy dark ale that is smooth. There is also an International Variety Pack. There are many options to choose from for the right beer machine and beer mix pack. For more information, check out the Internet.

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