Black Concrete Countertops

Written by Adam Blau
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A quick look at the latest designs in kitchen manufacturing will reveal a rapidly growing trend toward the use of concrete. Simultaneously the epitome of class and the height of hipness, black concrete countertops are becoming enormously popular. Whether you are designing a kitchen from scratch or you are simply upgrading a few kitchen components, you might consider concrete as your building material.

Why Black Concrete?

The popularity of black concrete countertops is not unfounded. Concrete has many advantages as a building block for kitchen surfaces, not the least of which is its natural beauty. Concrete can be worked in such a fashion as to match other natural materials, like brick, stone and wood.

Concrete countertops have the advantage of being formed from scratch with each order. Because of this, it is possible to customize the countertop by introducing individual design elements into its surface. For example, a customer can order a sink, cutting board or trivet to be designed directly into the countertop.

Though concrete countertops are available in many colors and textures, many customers find themselves ordering one of the many black countertops available through contractors. Black countertops, regardless of the material, exude a sense of class and timelessness. By designing a countertop that is both black and concrete, a contractor can achieve this class and timelessness in a way that is both warm and natural-looking.

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HI Muskokamum,The white subway tiles will rlaete to the white kitchen so keep going. Backsplash tile is totally overrated, I personally think you should keep it simple. DO NOT add the 4" splash!!Hi Anonymous,If you prefer a tile with this kind of kitchen than I would look for something in the same gray tones of the marble counters.Hi Lori B,Just go with Cloud White if your trim is Simply white, it's so close and the Cloud White is a touch warmer so it'll look good.Hi DNA.YOu didn't say what your countertops were in this kitchen, if they are really dark go for Ivory white, if they are light, Cloud White would be white and warm enough.Hi Anonymous.Unless the oak trim is fabulous and beautiful and you love it, I would paint it out as well. It belongs in that era so it would look more updated if you painted it.Hi Anonymous,Regarding your melamine cabinets, I would want to see photos before I could make a suggestion (email me for a 1/2 hour rate).Hi Sarah,Your dilemma would also require a consult to get it right I would need to see photos. My general advice would be to stick to green or warm gray tones so that you aren't clashing with the tile.Hi Anonymous,I never like choosing a colour from the sky without knowing what else is happening for colour in your house. I'm glad you came around to painting the cabinets though, you'll have a new kitchen when you are done, it always amazes me how fabulous the transformation is! What colour is the furniture in the great room or living room? that's always one place to look for the wall colour in another room, this way you create some flow because the colour isn't coming from no-where!Hope this helps!Dear Jane,I would stick to your trim colour for the cabinets, it will look the best (unless you really don't like it).Dear Anonymous,Cloud White is not a NEVER TO BE USED white, my point in that post was that it should NOT BE USED as a go-to paint colour, blindly and automatically chosen without considering the 'fixed whites' already existing in a home. If you don't have that issue and need a white, it's a good warm, off-white without being too yellow so go for it!Maria