Chefs Choice Slicers

Written by Norene Anderson
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Chefs Choice slicers come in a variety of sizes and designs. One of the choices is an electric food slicer that is designed with metal construction of commercial quality. It is tilted to make it easy and natural to feed. There is an induction motor that is more than one-half horsepower and is very quiet. The stainless steel blade is just over nine inches.

Another of the Chefs Choice slicers is heavy duty and it folds for storage. It has strong metal construction that gives immovability during operation and an exact thickness to every slice. The multi-purpose surgical stainless steel blade is excellent for slicing all sorts of things such as bread, vegetables, fruits, and meats. When folded to a small three and one-half inches, it is easy to store in any kitchen drawer.

Let One of the Chefs Choice Slicers Help

A powerful 130 watt motor makes another of the Chefs Choice slicers very tempting. It has many features that are found in the commercial models. It is heavy duty and has stainless steel and aluminum construction. A full-size seven inch blade will cut through bread, cheese, vegetables, meat, and just about anything that you can think of for slicing. It is adaptable to slice extra large cuts of meat such as ham or roasts.

Another design gives the option of use in an upright angle or gravity feed for rapid slicing. The powerful motor is quiet and very efficient. It is made for use with large trays and ease of cleaning. There is an instant response switch for turning the machine on and off. For all the detail on the latest designs, check out the Internet.

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