Colored Concrete

Written by Adam Blau
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Though many people might not realize it, decorative concrete is available in a wide variety of colors and tints. Chemical treatments, epoxy coatings, and the addition of separate material can all be used to vary the texture and hue of a slab of concrete. In this way, it is possible to manufacture a slab of concrete that can exactly suit your decorative needs.

Choosing the Right Color of Concrete

Most contractors have a designated set of concrete colors from which clients can choose. By choosing one of these colors, a customer can often get a better price than if he or she chose a custom color. If a contractor's prefabricated colors will match your room well, you can save some money and likely get the job done more quickly by choosing these colors.

Of course, many contractors will be glad to create customized colors of concrete for you. Custom coloring can be achieved by mixing chemicals or other materials into the concrete's surface and covering the lot with a sealant. Be sure to discuss with your contractor the means and costs of creating a customized color.

Customized concrete colors can often cost more than a contractor's standard colors. Be aware, too, that color matching often takes several trials, depending on the exact color and pattern you are going for. Most of the time, the contractor will apply the price of sample production to the overall cost of a project, even if the particular sample is not used in the final project.

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