Concrete Art Designs

Written by Adam Blau
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Concrete is a material that can have a surprising number of looks. Contractors can make concrete look different in several ways, ranging from degree of polishing to various chemical treatments. Altering the aggregate mixture or even the sealer can create dramatically different effects on the appearance of concrete. Different contractors specialize in different concrete looks, so check with a variety of sources before you choose someone to prepare concrete for your home.

Artistic Concrete Designs

In addition to variety in the actual composition of concrete, contractors can create artistic and innovative designs by altering the overall shape of a piece. Some contractors can literally create sculptures out of concrete and concrete mixtures. The molding and curing process, to them, is much like the chiseling techniques of artists from years passed. If you are looking for decorative elements around your house or yard, consider having them custom-made in concrete to match the rest of your decor.

Concrete on a floor or kitchen back splash can be rendered more artistic with the introduction of a stencil or stamping pattern. Concrete that has been stamped often resembles stone or tiles. The stamped patterns can be made to look like any number of substances, and can be put to use in deckwork, interior flooring, or any other area where there might be tiles.

Artistic effects can even be introduced to concrete through the use of sealants. Concrete will often be covered with a sealant, particularly concrete that is used for countertops and other interior surfaces. By applying different sealants to concrete, one can achieve a variety of color and polish effects. Concrete can be made to have a variety of textures and feels, and can be rendered into a warm, delicate-looking substance.

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