Concrete Cleaning Products

Written by Adam Blau
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When purchasing decorative concrete for countertops and other household elements, some people worry that they will also have to purchase special cleansers, solutions, and other cleaning products. They fear that because their countertops are composed of a different material than they are used to, they will also need to maintain them differently as well. Fortunately, the cost and effort of concrete upkeep are similar to those of most other materials.

Keeping Your Concrete Clean

Concrete, in its unsealed state, is easily affected by stain-inducing materials. This is why most contractors will place a layer of sealant over the concrete. This way, the durable concrete will gain smoothness, protection and everyday usability.

A simple concoction of diluted, non-abrasive cleansers will usually serve the purpose for concrete countertop maintenance. Abrasive cleansers and soaps may damage the sealant, so it is better to use a more mild solution. Your contractor should have good suggestions for the upkeep of your particular surface, so be sure to ask him or her for the best advice.

Be sure, too, to avoid using abrasive scouring pads on the surface of the concrete. Again, this is more to protect the sealant than to protect the underlying concrete. Abrasive pads, like sharp knives, can damage the surface of the countertop. Instead, be sure to use traditional sponges or, if necessary, "scratchless" pads.

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