Concrete Custom Designs

Written by Adam Blau
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When you order a countertop or fixture for the home made from stone or a synthetic material, there are a limited number of designs available for your choosing. Materials like granite or Corian can only be worked to a fair extent. More often than not, you will have to choose from a set of prefabricated pieces, and trim or alter them slightly so they will fit in your home.

Concrete fixtures, on the other hand, are frequently created by hand for individual clients. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility when creating concrete designs for the home, as contractors can tailor the measurements and design techniques according to the client's specifications. The most important feature of concrete is its flexibility; no longer are homeowners relegated to prefabricated designs.

Concrete Customization and Functionality

Concrete custom designs can come in handy if you have an oddly-shaped space in which to put a finished product. For example, concrete countertops can be constructed to fit in a unique space or a corner. Edges and moldings can be tailored to exact specifications; the homeowner has a high degree of flexibility in choosing the look of the final product, down to the finest detail.

Even more importantly to some, concrete can be made to resemble and match many other substances. If you have a classic look about your kitchen, for example, the introduction of a synthetic material can detract from the room's natural beauty. By using concrete that is made to resemble stone, however, you can achieve a warm and natural look without sacrificing quality or design flexibility.

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Thank you for writing this! Every day, at least 3 times a day I hear meyslf saying "I JUST cleaned this room! How? HOW, please tell me, can it already be such a mess?" I am continually surprised how much a lot of these Tuesdays carry similar themes between the unwrappers. Its as if the Lord wants to whisper the same sweet message of rest to all of us at the same time :) Love it.