Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are looking for the right combination of durability and beauty in your kitchen countertop, you might want to consider a surface made of decorative concrete. Concrete is emerging as one of the most popular building materials for kitchen elements, and for good reason. Its look is a warm and natural one, while its strength and density can be attested to by contractors everywhere.

Dispelling Myths about Decorative Concrete

Some people may worry that concrete is not an appropriate substance for kitchen construction. They fear that the material might be too rugged or impersonal for one of the most popular rooms in the house. Still others might worry about excessive maintenance costs and efforts.

These fears, however, are unfounded. Contractors have developed new and fascinating ways to work with concrete, enabling a slab to be honed down to a beautiful, polished shine. This smooth surface is then usually coated with a sealant that further smoothes and shines its exterior.

Upkeep and maintenance costs for concrete are also about the same as they are for more traditional countertops. By using a simple non-abrasive cleanser and scratchless pad, a concrete countertop can be kept as good as new. Even better, concrete will age naturally, allowing it to morph beautifully over time. Whether you are renovating a small piece of your kitchen or designing one from scratch, concrete might be the perfect material for you.

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