Concrete Staining

Written by Adam Blau
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One of the advantages of using concrete as a basis for your home's countertop surfaces is its ability to resemble other materials. Concrete can be cut, etched or stained to achieve any number of decorative effects. Chemical stains and treatments can give the concrete either a look that is unique or one that resembles a more traditional material like stone or tile.

Staining methods will vary from contractor to contractor. Many times, individual contractors will concoct their own unique proprietary blends for staining the surface of concrete. Because of this, you may want to check out several different contractors if you are looking for a particular effect; contractors often have their own colors and staining patterns.

Standard and Customized Concrete Staining

Contractors often have a set of standard concrete color stains from which to choose. If you are considering ordering a concrete countertop, you can likely request a sample from a contractor in order to gauge how well it matches the surrounding décor. Many contractors charge a fee for such samples, though if you end up ordering a countertop from them, they often apply the sample fee to the final order.

If you are not satisfied with the standard set of colors offered by a contractor, many companies will allow you to concoct customized colors and patterns (such as marbled surfaces). Since this staining is out of the normal realm of production for the contractors, you can expect customized concrete to cost a bit more to produce. Even the samples of customized concrete slabs will likely cost more than those with a standard stain.

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