Cuisinart Food Processors

Written by Norene Anderson
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Cuisinart food processors are a product of the efforts of Carl Sontheimer. He was born in New York in 1914 and grew up in France. He combined his love of cooking with his engineering experience and designed a machine that could do a wide variety of jobs otherwise requiring multiple machines. It could chop, grind, blend, slice, grate, and even knead.

The first Cuisinart food processors were introduced in the 1970s and since that time have been a household name when it comes to quality and performance. The popularity of this phenomenal machine grew very rapidly once the versatility became known. The usage of the food processor has been the mainstay of many of the recent health-food diet changes. More and more people are eating fresh fruits and vegetables and this machine is great for preparation of a variety of menus.

The Latest in Cuisinart Food Processors

There are several models of Cuisinart food processors to choose from, but each one is made with the greatest of care to provide the quality expected with the name "Cuisinart" on it. You can find machines that are made of die-cast metal that is heavy duty. The motor is powerful and made to last. The blades are sharp enough to chop, mix, mince, or puree the ingredients.

Some models also have a whisk attachment that can be used for such things as fluffing egg whites and even mashing potatoes. There are many other options to choose from with the latest technology in food processors. You can find a variety of choices easily online and have one delivered directly to your home in just a few days.

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