Custom Countertops

Written by Adam Blau
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For many, buying a countertop is as easy as going into a store and choosing the right prefabricated model for themselves. Prefabricated countertops can fulfill the basic functional needs for some people's kitchens. For others, though, it is necessary or desirable to design and construct a custom countertop. While many times it may cost a bit more to design a custom countertop, the flexibility afforded in terms of design and beauty can be well worth it to a customer.

Advantages of Customized Countertops

If you have a uniquely-sized kitchen space in which you are trying to put your countertop, it would likely behoove you to purchase a custom countertop. By using materials like concrete, a contractor can tailor your countertop to the exact space in which it will reside. Many people have difficulty finding counters that fit perfectly. With concrete, designs can be efficient, beautiful, and wasteless.

Some people prefer customized countertops simply for aesthetic reasons. By choosing a custom surface, designers have the flexibility to choose precise color schemes, design patterns, and extra accents and elements. If you have a finely honed sense of decor and very particular tastes, customization may be the way to go for your countertop.

When you customize a countertop, you have the option of including features that you might not otherwise get in a prefabricated unit. For example, you can have features like trivets, cutting boards and back splashes built right in to the countertop, should you desire. Custom countertops provide homeowners with a virtually unlimited amount of flexibility in terms of design.

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