Decorative Concrete

Written by Adam Blau
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Concrete is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who desire a rugged, durable material that possesses the flexibility to look dazzling and natural. Concrete can be made to resemble more traditional materials, like stone and tile. There are also several techniques that can help the surface of concrete look ornate and beautiful.

Decorative Concrete: Let the Chips Fall Where They May

Some contractors will mix marble or glass chips in with the concrete's surface before smoothing. This can cause a marbled, mottled effect, making the concrete look more like stone. While there are textural variations in the concrete, the surface will remain smooth and perfect for countertops.

It is possible to work colored patterns into the concrete's surface, as well. The concrete's surface can be infused with a particular color through a chemical treatment. Once the surface has been colored, it can even be possible to further grind out a pattern, mixing the surface's hue with the underlying tone.

Different contractors specialize in different decorative techniques. If you are in the market for a concrete countertop, it would behoove you to check out the work of several contractors. This way, you can ensure that you get the style and color countertop you desire.

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Love this kitchen-and your site- Provided lots of good info! I am lkioong for something that looks like Calacutta Gold Marble, but without the maintenance. Can you make any suggestions?Thanks!