Decorative Concrete Designs

Written by Adam Blau
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To the uninitiated, it may be a surprising fact that concrete can be fashioned into a beautiful decorative surface. While the sturdiness and durability of concrete are widely touted, the natural beauty of the material is frequently overlooked. When concrete is prepared and honed correctly, it can provide a perfect complement to natural building materials like stone and brick.

Contractors will often work the surface of concrete in unique and complex ways to provide it with a particular design. By working chemical staining or glass chips into the concrete, a contractor can achieve multicolor or marbled effects. Even a particular trowel pattern can provide a unique design in a finished concrete surface.

Decorative concrete pieces are usually hand-cast by a contractor. Because of this, the pieces are each unique, exhibiting slight differences from one another in their patterns. This does not detract from their ability to match one another; on the contrary, these variations enhance concrete's naturalness, much like the slight discrepancies between snowflake shapes.

Variation and Decorative Concrete

This variation in surface design does not reflect on the actual size, shape and weight of a decorative concrete piece. Many contractors are extremely skilled at the art of concrete fabrication, and they take great pains to ensure that the measurements are precise. While the surface design may vary from piece to piece, a skilled contractor can consistently create concrete that matches precise dimensional specifications.

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