Decorative Concrete Finish

Written by Adam Blau
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One of the most exciting characteristics of decorative concrete is its ability to evolve over time. Unlike artificial and static materials, concrete is a "living" material that changes subtly and acquires more beauty and character as the years pass. Such naturalness and intentional imprecision compel many homeowners to choose decorative concrete for their home's countertops and other surfaces.

Most decorative concrete will contain subtle variations over its surface. Two slabs of the same pattern will exhibit slight differences in color, texture, and other features. Most of the time, the variations are not overly drastic, and the pieces will match each other remarkably well.

The variations in the surface of decorative concrete are due to the fact that the material is handcrafted. The direct influence of the craftsman or woman has a strong bearing on the ultimate appearance of the concrete. When purchasing decorative concrete, it is important to gauge a contractor's work to ensure happiness with your own finished product.

Decorative Concrete and Precision

Some customers worry that variations in color and texture may also mean imprecision in construction. This worry, however, is unfounded. While the visual designs have decorative flaws and variations, the actual construction itself is a different beast; contractors use high-end equipment to ensure stable and sturdy concrete pieces.

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Hi there,Do you do the type of concrete where they take off the top layer so the stone is shniowg but the surface is still smooth?What would be the aprox cost of 50m2?Thanks