Electric Skillets

Written by Norene Anderson
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Electric skillets come in a variety of designs. There is a 12 inch diameter that is completely immersible and can actually be put in the dishwasher. It carries 1500 watts of power to prepare any skillet dish recipe. The body is polished stainless steel and the lid is made of tempered glass. There is a temperature probe that is removable. It has the heat settings which are adjustable and a light to let you know when it is ready.

The heating element in some electric skillets is mounted for disbursing the heat evenly, thereby, producing an even cooking surface. Some have non-stick coating that is scratch resistant on the cooking surface. Others have a highly polished metal surface that will not stick and is easy to clean. Stainless steel handles are secured by heavy rivets.

Great Meals in Electric Skillets

There are also electric skillets that are as large as 16 inches in diameter with the same quality features that the 12 inch offers. Skillet meals are quick and easy to prepare in an electric skillet. There is virtually no cleanup with the dishwasher safe models. You can put everything in the skillet, let it cook to perfection, and enjoy a delicious meal. With the quick cleanup, it is almost like having it done for you.

Check out the latest designs and features on the Internet. There are several to choose from and all have great options to please every kind of cook. The warranty that is offered makes an electric skillet a good investment for easy preparation of meals. It is also great to have as an extra skillet when preparing for a large crowd.

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