Gourmet Kitchenware

Written by Norene Anderson
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Gourmet kitchenware is the dream of every person that enjoys cooking. There is something about having the best of the best to help express the culinary talent of every cook. There are many items and brand names that meet the standard to be called "gourmet". Every kitchen should be stocked with the select items that will make it a cooking paradise.

Add a Fresh Touch to Dinner

The food processor is one of the gourmet kitchenware items that every cook must have. Food processors were first introduced in 1973. Carl Sontheimer, a retired physicist, is credited with its invention. It has grown in popularity and usefulness through the years as styles have continually changed and improved to meet the demands of the cooking lifestyle of today.

The coffee maker is another "must have" appliance for the kitchen. In 1818, the first percolator was invented in Paris. In 1890, the percolator finds its way to America. The first paper filter was marketed in 1912. In 1960, coffee machines with built-in filters were developed for commercial use. Then, in 1974, the first home-use coffee maker was designed. Styles have continued to improve and change to fit the busy lifestyle of most consumers.

A Variety of Gourmet Kitchenware

One of the most popular pieces of gourmet kitchenware is the toaster. The first electric toaster in the United States, however, was invented in 1909. This particular invention only toasted one side at a time. The pop-up toaster with a timer was invented in 1919. Performance and design are continually improving.

The electric mixer began its rise to popularity in the early 1900's between 1910 to 1930. The early designs were quite cumbersome. The motor was actually separate from the rest of the unit. It was obviously a kitchen tool that had great promise and the process of improving began. Glass-bottomed mixers were introduced in the 1930's and it progressed from there to the sleek models that are available today as true gourmet kitchenware.

Modernize Your Small Appliances

The blender is one piece of kitchenware that is growing in use because of the craze to get fit and stay trim. The introduction of fruit smoothies and healthy supplements has brought them to the forefront for small kitchen appliances. There are many sizes and designs that cater to different uses and purposes.

In 1954, one of the greatest inventions for gourmet kitchenware first made its appearance. The nonstick pan was marketed by a French engineer. In 1961, American orders were reaching one million per month. Then thirteen years later, the nonstick surface was introduced on a waffle toaster. This process spread to other utensils and continually improved the entire gamut of cookware. Today, the nonstick cookware is available in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

Let Gourmet Kitchenware Change Your Cooking Style

Slicers are another piece of gourmet kitchenware that come in a variety of styles. There are meat slicers that allow you to cut meat at any thickness just like a professional. There are all kinds of small appliances that can make any meal a gourmet event. You can fool even the harshest critics into thinking you have the skills of a trained chef.

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