Kitchen Back Splash

Written by Adam Blau
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The kitchen back splash is one of the locations in the home where a homeowner can truly express him or herself. Countertops, sink fixtures and furniture all go a long way in exhibiting a person's design preferences. But a back splash is that one element that is, above all else, decorative.

Decorative Kitchen Back Splashes

Back splashes needn't be anything too ornate. Some people prefer their back splash to be a simple extension of the countertop, with the same look and texture. It is possible to find prefabricated countertops and sink fixtures that incorporate a back splash in this fashion. For those people who are having their countertops created from concrete, it is possible to create a piece with the back splash directly attached to the fixture.

Many, though, prefer a back splash with a degree of personality and uniqueness. Some artists construct elaborate tile pieces that can serve as back splashes. Effectively, these pieces are large murals that are spread across a series of tiles. If these tiles are subsequently placed on a wall (or embedded in concrete), they can prove to be beautiful and functional decorative elements.

Whatever back splash option you choose for your kitchen, make sure that it is one that you enjoy looking at. The kitchen is one of the most frequently traversed spaces in the house, and the area behind your countertop is a place you will be gazing at several times a day. By taking a bit of extra time to choose a nice back splash for yourself, you can ensure a smile on your face throughout the day.

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