Kitchen Back Splash Designs

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are getting your kitchen countertop designed in concrete, you might want to speak with your contractor about innovative back splash designs. Back splashes can be easily constructed directly attached to concrete countertops, as each concrete piece is usually fabricated by hand. By adding some personal touches to a back splash, a designer can create a dynamic, exciting and beautiful kitchen piece that easily brightens up a room.

Innovative Kitchen Back Splash Designs

Personalizing a kitchen back splash design can be as easy as adding a trowel pattern in it. By varying the texture of a back splash while retaining the material and color, you can create a structure that matches the underlying countertop while remaining offset from it a bit. Decorative trowel markings that wouldn't function on a countertop (due to the need for a flat surface) can look stunning on a back splash.

Contractors often each have their own specialty when it comes to concrete. Some work in a particular kind of marbling, some use glass or stone bits to vary the texture. When searching for a contractor for your own concrete kitchen countertops, pay special attention to your prospective contractor's back splashes. This is the area where he or she will likely exhibit some unique and innovative design techniques.

Many contractors like their clients to actively participate in the formation of their back splashes. The back splash is not only a place for the designers to strut their artistic sides, but it is also a place for homeowners to personalize their kitchens to their own tastes. If you have some ideas for back splash customization, bring them up to your contractor; chances are, he or she will be more than willing to play around a bit with the back splash design.

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