Kitchen Countertops Resurfacing

Written by Adam Blau
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Kitchen countertops can say a tremendous amount about their owners. More often than not, the kitchen is a space where company inevitably ends up. The kitchen counter is a virtual centerpiece in the kitchen, so it is highly likely that guests will end up leaning on and eating off of your kitchen countertop.

Because of the high visibility of kitchen countertops, many people are spending the time and money to resurface them. Perhaps the old kitchen countertop is worn down or stained. Or perhaps the homeowner is simply trying to convey a different idea of his or her style. Whatever the reason, more and more people are resurfacing their countertops.

Resurfacing Your Kitchen Countertop

There are plenty of styles and building materials available for countertop construction. It is extremely popular these days to use concrete for kitchen countertops. Decorative concrete is both durable and flexible (in terms of design). It can be made to resemble natural elements like stone, but can also be fashioned into any number of shapes, since each unit is custom-made.

More traditional countertop solutions include granite or other stones. These are often considered more formal, or commonplace. Synthetic solid surface materials are also available, and are relatively inexpensive. These are often available in prefabricated formats, which are less flexible in terms of design elements.

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