Kitchenaid Toasters

Written by Norene Anderson
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KitchenAid toasters are available in both 2-slice and 4-slice designs. The latest design enables more uniformity in toasting by reducing the air flow in the toasting opening. This helps the heating element to dispense the heat evenly making the result a perfectly toasted slice of bread. The toasters are designed to handle the larger size of bread and even bagels.

Shade indicators have gone digital to provide the best option of control. Some offer a warming cycle. There is a crumb tray with easy access for cleaning. Special cycles are available on some models. The stainless steel interior stays clean and functional for years of service. The polycarbonate housing comes in a variety of colors that meet the needs of any kitchen decor.

What Can KitchenAid Toasters Do for You?

One of the KitchenAid Toasters is made especially to handle bagels. Whether the bagel is frozen or fresh, it can be toasted precisely as desired with the special system to dispense the heat evenly. There are extra wide and extra long slots that make it easy to place and retrieve the bagels. The self-centering bread racks keep the bagel and other breads the perfect distance from the heating elements for a perfect toast every time.

The Internet is a great resource for all kinds of KitchenAid toasters. There are many designs to choose from in a variety of colors. Also, check out the warranty that is available. KitchenAid offers a one year replacement warranty to make good any appliance that is unsatisfactory during the first year. A few clicks of the mouse will give you all the facts you need to make your choice.

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