Lightweight Concrete Counters

Written by Adam Blau
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Some people who are considering using concrete as a building material for their countertops are concerned about the weight of the material. Concrete generally weighs almost 19 pounds per square foot (assuming a thickness of 1.5 inches). For comparison, a granite slab of similar proportions weighs about 18 pounds.

In most cases, standard concrete will rest comfortably on traditional cabinet structures without the risk of collapse. Of course, you should check with your contractor to determine if you need to seek out alternatives to standard concrete. Most decent contractors will be able to determine proper weight distribution, and they should be able to detect any potential problems with concrete weight.

Using Lightweight Concrete for Your Countertop

For those people who need to find less weighty alternative to concrete, it is possible to use lightweight concrete. Lightweight concrete is usually very similar to standard concrete, except for the fact that it is made with lightweight aggregates such as scoria and pumice. Lightweight concrete usually resembles standard concrete, and will weather the elements just as well.

Be aware that some contractors do not work with lightweight concrete. The compressive strength of the material is not always as strong as that of standard concrete. If you decide to go with lightweight concrete for your countertop, make sure your contractor has ample experience with the substance. This way, you can be sure that your counter will be completely stable and last you for years to come.

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