Villaware Toasters

Written by Norene Anderson
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VillaWare toasters are designed to give optimal browning to any size or thickness of bread or bagels. Toasting actually occurs when sustained direct radiant heat hits the bread. A chemical change begins to take place when the surface of the bread reaches around 310 degrees Fahrenheit. This reaction causes the sugars and starches that are in the bread to caramelize or turn brown.

To have perfect toast every time, the VillaWare toasters are designed with a dial to control the amount of browning in five settings. It is electronically monitored during toasting to get just the amount ordered by the setting chosen. When the toast point is reached, it is automatically popped up and the cycle ends. There is also a setting for frozen foods such as bagels. They will turn out perfect every time with the right setting.

Why VillaWare Toasters?

VillaWare toasters are available in a choice of 2 slices or 4 slices. The housing is stainless steel and the crumb tray is easily removed for cleaning. There is a difference in the way metals conduct the flow of current. If there is high resistance, there is not a good conduction of heat. The toasters made by VillaWare are excellent conductors and provide even toasting on both sides.

For the latest information and choices that VillaWare has to offer, check out the Internet. You will find that each one is designed with performance and durability in mind. The appearance will accent any style of kitchen decor. Find your choices quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the mouse online.

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