Wax Type Concrete Countertops

Written by Adam Blau
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When preparing concrete for use in the kitchen or bathroom, contractors will almost always take the final step of coating it with a sealant. Bare concrete can be porous and attract stains easily. By using a sealant at the final stages of development, concrete can easily withstand the everyday rigors that countertops must face. Curing compounds can also strengthen and fortify concrete.

Wax Curing Compounds and Sealants

Wax sealants and curing compounds can render concrete considerably more useful in a home setting. When used properly in concrete, wax products can help to retain moisture and keep the concrete properly hydrated. Such moisture regulation can extend the life of your concrete countertop for a considerable length of time.

Wax-type concrete countertops can help to prevent concrete shrinkage. Some concrete will shrink somewhat over time, introducing cracks and fissures in the surface. Wax curing and sealing products can aid in the prevention of these cracks, prolonging the beauty and shelf life of your countertop.

Wax concrete products, when properly prepared, can actually increase the compressive strength of concrete. Concrete is a fairly heavy substance that requires special braces and supports when used as a countertop. Wax concrete countertops are naturally stronger, and may require a bit less support than other types of concrete.

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