Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Agri-Fab is one of the prominent names in lawn and garden products. The company makes top-quality garden carts and sprayers that are versatile and well-built for long-lasting use in yards. Outdoor equipment takes a beating from the weather, dirt, and rough conditions, so sturdy, well-designed apparatus is essential.

Dump carts are convenient carriers around the yard, but they must be capable of hauling a heavy load and they must be easy to dump. Agri-Fab dump carts are designed to haul firewood, yard material, gravel, or sand; the heavy duty cart can carry up to 1,000 pounds! All have an easy, quick-release lever to facilitate dumping the load exactly where you want it.

Agri-Fab Sprayers

The sprayers made by this company come in several configurations to aid the yard worker regardless of the size of the task. Sprayers with handgun hoses come with 15- and 25-gallon tanks, and are capable of dispersing up to a gallon of liquid a minute. The handguns provide close control and precision of the spray, so the user need not worry about scattered liquid spraying wildly where it is not wanted.

These efficient and safe Agri-Fab sprayers connect to the wiring in a tractor or to an ATV battery for power that is readily available. These machines are excellent for spot treatments or large-area coverage; in both cases, they have the capacity and ruggedness to take care of the job. They can handle any type of liquid, from fertilizers to insecticides, and with their large tanks, they can spray an area without having to be frequently refilled.

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